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"I was looking for a tool to pull medium-sized Buckthorn (chest high) where hand pulling was impossible. The area around my 80 acre woods was full of Buckthorn and the Root Talon is definitely a heavy-duty tool, but not too hard to carry into the woods. The tool provides great leverage and has been bullet-proof. The handle even has a lifetime guarantee. The Root Talon does a GREAT job WITHOUT chemicals!!!"

Thomas L. Madison WI

The Root Talon

The toughest hand tool on the market in the battle against Buckthorn and other shallow rooted invasives. Put an end to the backache of impossible hand pulling projects. Buckthorn up to an inch in diameter is no match for the dual action leverage of the Root Talon. Pry out the entire plant from prickly stem to massed root system once and for all. The key is our patented head design which traps the Buckthorn stem in two no slip jaws. Our professional grade fiberglass handle offers excellent leverage and has a lifetime warranty.

Remove Unwanted, Invasive Plants Quickly

The Root Talon works fast to help you remove shallow rooted plants and slightly deeper rooted invasives. You wrap the main stem through the Root Talon gripper and gently rock back the handle to remove the shallow root ball.

You will find the Root Talon an effective tool for removing serious amounts of Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus). Buckthorn is often shallow rooted, so the Root Talon may be ideal for this purpose.

Root Talons are in use by homeowners, conservation departments, and landscape professionals throughout the U.S. They deliver an eco-friendly way to remove non-native plants, evasive plants and small trees, including Buckthorn (up to one inch trunk diameter).

The Root Talon is an easy to use tool providing over-powering leverage to the removal process of shallow-rooted plants without back breaking hand work or chemical pesticides.

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