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"I was looking for a tool to pull medium-sized Buckthorn (chest high) where hand pulling was impossible. The area around my 80 acre woods was full of Buckthorn and the Root Talon is definitely a heavy-duty tool, but not too hard to carry into the woods. The tool provides great leverage and has been bullet-proof. The handle even has a lifetime guarantee. The Root Talon does a GREAT job WITHOUT chemicals!!!"

Thomas L. Madison WI

Buckthorn Removal Services

In an effort to expand our direct involvement in the fight on Buckthorn, the management at Root Talon has developed a network of regional “Eradication Teams” dedicated to cost effective removal methods. With over 15 years of experience manufacturing the Root Talon, we have had a front row seat to the explosive growth and awareness of Buckthorn by Federal, State and local government agencies throughout the U.S.. They have been valued customers of the Root Talon and we are honored to be included in many of their websites. We have a deep understanding of Buckthorn control and the Root Talon has been on the job in numerous eradication projects from coast to coast. We have gained a unique perspective in Buckthorn removal in both tool manufacturing and gauging project labor requirements.

Buckthorn control is a challenging project even for conservation groups with volunteer labor. The task becomes increasingly difficult for the individual homeowner.

Our company goal is to provide homeowners with an affordable Buckthorn removal service that is eco-friendly and offers lasting results. Our approach seeks to blend labor saving equipment and tools in removal projects to deliver superior results at a reasonable expense. Our teams identify desirable trees and shrubs within a problem area that will thrive when given proper space. By giving your native trees a helping hand you avoid costly landscape additions.

When your Buckthorn problem is out of control, we can offer a solution with lasting results. Contact a member of our Eradication Team at or call 612-963-3372 to discuss your Buckthorn problem. The consultation is free. Our goal is to spur action before your Buckthorn problem becomes more challenging.

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